Eye Care – Master-Aesthetic


Our eyes; Although it is the smallest of our five sensory organs, it is the only window of our body to live. Therefore, our eye health is our quality of life ...

To see objects clearly, the light rays pass through the eye and focus on the retina that forms the back wall of the eye. The lens in the eye is a good focus ...

Some people use separate glasses both close and far away, while others can see both near and far with a single goggle. The Multifocal Intraocular Lenses are both close ...

Warnings regarding the health of the examination: For people who have soft contact lenses, at least 3 days before coming to the laser

This method, also called WAVEFRONT-EAGLE EYE, allows NASA to use the technique used to clarify images in Space research.

Today; SUPRACOR EXCIMER LASER Technology is the most effective treatment method for the correction of PRESBIOPIA which is related to aging.

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