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It is a new (skin stretching) lifting method developed in recent years and used frequently in Europe. In this method, special yarns are placed under the skin.

Rhinoplasty (cosmetic nose surgery) consists of changing the shape of the nose, reducing or enlarging its size, reshaping its tip, removing bumps, correcting the angle...

Upper and lower eyelid surgery is performed not only for aesthetic purposes but also for health. Because if there is excess skin on the upper eyelid; person fatigue in his eyes.

In the ear, congenital or later formed, many different shape disorders can be seen. The most common scoop is the ear. Skull of ear in ear...

Nowadays it is possible to have much more elegant and noble facial features, such as celebrities in popular culture, with bektectomy aesthetics.

The tip of the jaw is the two most important structures forming the face profile and must be proportionate and compatible with the other parts of the face.

Along with aging, the forehead, as in the face skin parallel to the progression of age, the loosening, begins to sag and the existing lines deepen.

Neck stretching is usually performed as a continuation of facelift surgery. In the lower face and neck region, skin abundance leads to deterioration of the face shape.

The lip is an organ that has a significant place in the aesthetic appearance of the face. Throughout history, it has been the subject of painters, sculptors and poets.

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