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Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast

According to global statistics, aesthetic breast surgery is the aesthetic operation that makes women the happiest. Most aesthetic breast surgeries are performed for the following reasons: if the breast tissue is too little and the breasts are too small, the breasts are enlarged with silicone implants, if the breasts are tightened by breastfeeding, weight gain or weight loss, or simply by gravity, or if the breasts are too big, causing problems with the spine or neck, they are reduced in size. During these operations, asymmetries that exist from birth can also be corrected. Replacement of breasts that had to be removed for health reasons, e.g. cancer, also fall within the scope of the plastic surgeon. Possibilities to consider a breast prosthesis are given.


What are the reasons for breast augmentation?


Small breasts


Breastfeeding that makes the breast look hollow

Weight loss makes the breast small and flaccid

Removing the breast because of cancer


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