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Buttocks Aesthetics

The buttocks are one of the most striking aspects of the female figure. The round, full and lifted buttocks that completely fill any garment worn are perhaps the most desired body characteristic of all women. However, today, not only women but also men with small and flat bottoms want to benefit from this operation to have more curved buttocks.

Esthetic buttock surgery, called gluteoplasty, is a surgical procedure that produces fuller, more vivid and lifted buttocks. The method used varies from case to case.

Gluteoplasties can be divided into 3 basic categories:

Aesthetics of the hip and buttock, filling and shaping

Hip and pelvis lifts

Hip and buttock reductions.

Surgical methods

1- Fat injections: consists of injecting the patient's fat from the hips, back, lower and outer sides of the buttocks, then thickening it and finally injecting it into the upper part of the buttocks, plumping it back during the process.

2- Buttock prostheses: Silicone prostheses can be used in cases where there is not enough fat in the upper part of the buttock. This procedure ensures that the buttock is raised. The prostheses used are specially designed for the buttocks, which have recently been implanted mainly in the muscle. These are inserted through small incisions made in the hollow between the buttocks, leaving a scar that is not easily visible.

3- Buttock lifting: This is the lifting of the entire hip area by removing excess skin under the stomach and above the buttocks of patients caused by weight loss leaving the skin loose. Fat injections or prostheses alone may be sufficient for patients with average or good skin quality.

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