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Dental Implants

In order to restore tooth structure and aesthetics in the unfortunate case of a tooth loss, titanium screws (Implant) are implanted in the jawbone to support the dental prosthesis.
Depending on how many teeth are missing, a corresponding number of titanium implants are implanted. Each area in the jaw requires a special size in length and diameter. The titanium implants are very compatible with the bone and are long-lasting. The choice and use of titanium implants give comfortable results indistinguishable from the original tooth.
When the crown is placed on the implant prosthesis, the patient can wear it like a healthy tooth, he can then chew and talk normally while having an esthetic smile.
The treatment is performed by oral surgeons or specialist dentist and performed under local anesthesia.
One of the most important advantages of implant treatment is the protection of the surrounding teeth. When an implant is inserted, it fits seamlessly into the row of teeth and is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. If several teeth are missing, it is not advisable to sacrifice healthy teeth for a bridge. For patients who have lost all their teeth in the upper and lower jaw, implant treatment can avoid painful lesions caused by the instability of dental prostheses, as well as reduced taste perception resulting from a concealed palate in the prosthesis.

Is implant treatment a comfortable and safe treatment?
As long as the treatment is performed in a sterile environment and by specialists, the treatment is safe and comfortable.

Who is eligible for implant treatment?
The success of an implant treatment requires a suitable jaw structure. In patients with thin jaw structures, bone substitutes (bone mass) or the patient's own bone can be used to stabilize the implant.
Implant treatment is suitable for patients over 18 years of age, as it can then be assumed that bone growth has been completed. In patients with uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure and increased blood coagulation or serious heart problems, surgery can only be performed with the prior approval of the treating family doctor.

Is implant treatment painful?
The patient does not feel any pain during the treatment because the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Post-operative pain is treated with standard painkillers. Of course, the procedure can also be performed under general anesthesia if the patient expressly requests it.

How long does it take to insert the titanium screw and the implant crown?
The duration of the procedure varies depending on the number of implants. The placement of a titanium screw takes about 15 - 20 minutes if there are several implants it can take about 1 - 1.5 hours.

Can an implant treatment be started immediately after the extraction of a tooth?
There are two methods. If there is no inflammation or damage to the affected area, the treatment can be started immediately. However, if there is a problem, such as poor bone structure, then bone substitutes (bone mass) must be used to build up a solid tissue, which takes about two months. After the affected area has healed, treatment can begin.

When can the implant crown be placed after inserting the titanium screws?
Depending on the tissue structure, it takes 3-6 months for the implant to fuse with the jawbone after the procedure.

How long does a titanium screw last?
Various factors influence the longevity of titanium screws. In most cases, they can last a lifetime, depending on oral and dental hygiene.

How are implants cleaned and maintained?
The implant crowns should be cleaned twice a day. The dentist can inform you about correct brushing techniques.
The interdental spaces should be cleaned of food residues with dental floss or interdental brushes. In addition, mouthwash can be used.

Can implants be the cause of allergies or cancer?
There is no risk of allergies or cancer.

Is implant treatment an expensive treatment method?
At first glance, implant treatment seems expensive. However, if one considers the wearing comfort and aesthetic improvement, the costs are relatively moderate.

Can implant crowns be replaced?
Yes, they can be replaced. During a replacement, the titanium screws remain in the jaw and only the implant crowns are replaced. As with all prostheses, implant crowns also have specific longevity, which the patient can prolong with conscientious oral hygiene.

Is implant treatment also suitable for smokers?
Cigarette consumption and alcohol delay the healing process and make treatment more difficult. Therefore, it is recommended to abstain from cigarettes and alcohol during healing phases.

Do I stay without teeth during the implant treatment?
No, the patient does not remain without teeth. Until the final implant crowns are finished, the patient receives a temporary denture.

How many days after the procedure can one return to everyday life?
Immediately after the implant operation, the patient can return to everyday life and one or two days later he can also return to work.

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