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An important factor to be able to perform a hair transplant correctly is the Graft Calculation. The price of the hair transplant also results from this calculation.The graft calculation will allow you to gain a rough idea of the amount of grafts and hairs that will be needed for the procedure. Once you’ve got an idea of the amount of grafts needed you’ll be able request your hair transplant cost.

Graft does not mean hair root. It means the area of the hair root with some skin around it. There are on average 2-3 hair roots in grafts collected by the most commonly used needles. To give an example: 2000 graft means 4000 to 6000 hair roots.

Before the hair transplantation, the specialist calculates the number of hairs needed and draws the hairline. Then the necessary number of hair grafts is taken from the donor site located at the back of the head between the two ears and implanted in the bald areas.

The correct graft calculation depends on some factors. The most important factor is that the donor site must have sufficient grip. A good hair transplant requires that the donor site has enough hair.

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