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HQ-GRAFT FUE Method Hair Transplantation

HQ-Graft (High Quality Graft) FUE is a hair transplant method performed by Master-Aesthetic doctors. It consists of years of researches conducted by hair transplant experts to develop the most recent technologies in the field. Thanks to this method; the highest quality grafts can be extracted and transferred to the recipient region in the most ultimate way to obtain natural results.

All surgical materials used in HQ-Graft (High Quality Graft) FUE method is covered with Gold, a metal that is fully compatible with human tissues. In addition; The solution in which the extracted grafts are stored until implantation is an organic solution fully compatible with human tissues, FDA approved and greatly increases graft survival.

If you are looking for a solution to your hair loss problem and chose to have your transplantation done by Master-Aesthetic specialists, you can be sure that you will fully benefit from the advantages of HQ-Graft (High Quality Graft) procedure.

HQ-Graft (High Quality Graft) FUE in 10 steps:

Step 1: Preliminary information                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Firstly; your medical history and your first hair pictures are taken. This information and pictures are then evaluated in detail by Master-Aesthetic doctors. This assessment determines whether you need hair loss treatment, hair transplantation, or both. After that, if you are suitable for hair transplantation, the maximum number of grafts you need and the most appropriate hair transplantation method is determined. Master-Aesthetic’s team will contact you and present you the most appropriate Treatment Packages.

Step 2: Travel
If you are traveling from abroad or from different cities, Master-Aesthetic offers you VIP transfer and Delux Hotel accommodation included in your Treatment Package. Our driver will wait for you at the airport and take you to your hotel ensuring your comfort.

Step 3: Operation
On the day of the surgery, you will receive a 5 * breakfast buffet in the morning. Our driver will pick you up from your hotel with a VIP vehicle and bring you to the hospital where the operation will take place. You will have to come to our contracted hospital at 08:00. Our translator who speaks your native language will accompany you during the whole process.

After your first meeting with your doctor who planned your treatment, your blood tests will be done to determine whether you have infectious diseases such as HCV (Hepatitis C Virus), HIV (AIDS), HBV (Hepatitis B Virus), or problems such as advanced diabetes, bleeding tendency or anemia that may interfere with the operation. In the meantime, a detailed assessment of your hair will be done. You will have to fill a detailed medical history form at the same time. If there is no medical problem that interferes with your operation, your hairline design will be done with your doctor, which will give you the most natural appearance that you desire.

With your consent and your permission, we will take pictures of your hair condition in different directions. These pictures are taken by the health team with a special camera for documentation and postoperative analysis. Then you will be given the appropriate method of hair shaving. In different hair transplantation applications, hair shaving may not be performed. The marking of the donor and recipient regions is done by your doctor. A short sedation procedure will be applied by our Anesthesiologist to our patients who want sedation before treatment.

To minimize your discomfort or pain, you can watch TV or listen to music during local anesthesia and operation. Your surgery will usually take about 6-8 hours, including a lunch break.

Step 4: Graft extraction
In this process HQ-Graft (High Quality Graft) FUE method will be applied. In HQ-Graft (High Quality Graft) FUE method, all medical instruments used during the grafting Punches and during the opening of the canals are gold plated. The importance of using gold is because it’s the material that fits the best with human tissues. The harmony of gold with the human body plays one of the most important roles in the reduction of tissue damage during the operation, as well as the increase of graft involvement and wound healing rate after the operation.

The millimetric surgical instruments, called punches, have sharp cylindrical edges with a diameter ranging from 0.4 to 1.1 mm. The size of the punch tips that are single-used is chosen in accordance with the diameter of the hair graft and the diameter of the hair follicle. By touching the hair follicles around the hair roots with different size Punch tips, micro holes are opened around the hair follicles to collect them gently without damage. The loosened hair follicles are collected one by one from the scalp with the help of gold-plated micro pen-set.

At the end of the extraction, a number of follicles units is obtained, which gives the exact number of transplanted hairs, multiplied by the number of hair strands present in each follicular unit. Immediately after the extraction, the removed follicles are placed in a solution of biological and organic properties, which contains no chemical substances, it gives them High Quality Graft properties and increases their vitality and quality. On the other hand, follicles units from the donor area are prepared for microscopic implantation. This stage is the most important stage for the success of hair transplantation. After this process, you will have a break and will be served lunch.

Step 5: Canals opening
After the graft collection process that lasted about 2 to 4 hours, the canals in which the hair follicles are placed will be opened.
A short sedation procedure will be applied by our Anesthesiologist to our patients who want sedation before treatment.
Local anesthesia will be applied to prevent any pain before the canal opening process. This is one of the important stages of hair transplantation.
The right angle of the implanted hair and the obtaining of a natural appearance begins with the channel opening phase. At this stage, the specialist doctor determines the correct canal depth and width, the right angle and the right direction for each graft. Opening channels in this standard is a process that requires experience and professionalism.

At this stage, the number of canals opened should be according with the number of grafts collected. Lateral Slit canal method is applied in our hospitals, it is a professional method that requires experience and high hand skills, it has the characteristics of extreme meticulousness in opening small canals at the right angle, as well as high wound healing rate.
Master-Aesthetic’s team applies Lateral Slit canal opening technique to patients and all surgical material used to open the canal is gold-plated.

Step 6: Graft Implantation
The grafts to be implanted are placed in the canals with the planned angle and direction. During this placement, gold-plated implanter pens are used. Single, double, triple and quadruple roots are planted according to the hair transplantation area.

Step 7: After Operation
After the operation, you will be given the first medicines you need to use and will be taken to your hotel with special VIP transfer after the detailed instructions are explained to you.

Step 8: First Medical Dressing
After the operation, you will receive a 5 * breakfast buffet in your hotel in the morning and your driver will take you from your hotel with a VIP vehicle to the hospital where you will be examined. Our experts will make your first examination and medical dressing after the operation. In the meantime, you will be told about the important issues that you need to pay attention to in the future and a detailed document, shampoo and lotion will be given to you.

Step 9: Farewell
Our driver will transfer you by VIP vehicle to the airport where you fly back to your country or to the city you came from. HQ-Graft (High Quality Graft) FUE METHOD offers you more natural, healthier and lasting hair.

As Master-Aesthetic and our contracted Hospitals, aim to give you the best price possible, along with a large choice of Aesthetic and Medical Surgery Centers where the most advanced technology is applied by specialized surgeons and medical teams, high-quality accommodation in luxury VIP rooms, and perfect and unique treatments.

If you want to get high technology health services at a reasonable price, Master-Aesthetic is the right place for you.
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