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Laser Eye Treatment

1st Generation Laser: PRK (Mel 80 Excimer Laser)

2nd Generation laser: Lasik (Moria keratom + Mel 80 Excimer Laser), ilasik (Zeiss Visumax Femtosecond Laser + Mel 80 Excimer Laser)

3rd Generation Laser: Smile Laser = Minimal Lenticular Laser Surgery (Zeiss Visumax Femtosecond Laser)


Before coming to Laser Compliance Check:

Recommendations concerning the proper conduct of the examination;

It is recommended to remove the lenses one week before the laser compliance test and to remove the rigid contact lenses 3 weeks before.

It is important not to apply eye makeup if you come to a laser compliance test.

You must fill out a general health form provided in our clinics prior to your laser compliance test,

The doctor's decision after the laser compliance test and the success of the laser treatment can only be discussed if the test results show that you are a good candidate for the laser procedure.

The tests of the laser conformity examination are;

Determination of the corneal topographic map by topolazer and Pentacam,
Determination of corneal thickness by pachymetric measurement,
Determination of pupil diameter by pupilometric measurement,
Determination of the quantity and quality of tears with the Schirmer and Break Up Time tests,
Determination of the refractive error with otokeratorefraktometer measurements,
Eye blood pressure measurement
Examination of the retina with examination of the eye drops
Cycloplegic refraction detection,

Additional examinations such as an orthoptic check-up can also be carried out if necessary. The orthoptist's role is to detect, re-educate and functionally explore vision disorders.

These preliminary examinations, carried out during the aptitude test, make it possible to know if you are eligible for the laser on the refractive and topographical level. These examinations must then be analyzed and validated by a specialized ophthalmic surgeon during a preoperative consultation.

All developments provided by technology, needless to say, are reflected on the devices in health area to the same degree.

Patient group selected by laser convenience examination performed by a doctor is always satisfied with the results.

ReLEx Smile technology is only performed in Talya Medical Center in the Mediterranean Region and Antalya. Knife technology, in other words keratome is not used in our center since 2010.

Who is a good candidate for laser eye surgery?

Who wears glasses and/or contact lenses and is over 18 years of age,

His vision has not increased by more than 0.50 diopters in the past year,

Myopia up to 10.5 diopters,

Hypermetropic up to 6-7 diopters,

Astigmatism up to 5-6 diopters,

Corneal topography and eye structure are appropriate and corneal tissue is thick enough

Who is not a good candidate for laser eye surgery?

Patients with uncontrolled diabetes, Sjögren's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, collagen tissue disease,

HIV positive (AIDS patients),

Herpes infection,

patients with keratoconus,

We do not recommend laser eye treatment for patients with glaucoma and those who have had retinal detachment.

We do not recommend laser eye treatment for pregnant and lactating women. Laser treatment can be performed 6 months after the end of the breastfeeding period.

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