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Presbyopia is a gradually occurring age-related myopia in people over 40. The main cause of age-related myopia is cell ageing.

Even if you have not had any vision problems before, problems arise from the age of 40 when reading, sewing or working on a PC. Presbyopia usually mixes with hyperopia, so that in addition to short-sightedness also problems with long-sightedness arise. However, presbyopia is an age-related nearsightedness weakness.

At the beginning of presbyopia, people keep their book, magazine or menu card further away than the usual 35-40 cm.

Presbyopia requires a greater reading distance. Working on close objects becomes more difficult and requires an higher light intensity.

Presbyopia occurs frequently. From the age of 40 it increases every 10 years by +1 diopter, at 50 years it reaches +2 diopter and at 60 years the increase is already +3 diopter.

What is the cause of presbyopia?

Usually starts at the age of 40. The only reason is an age-related physiological change.

What are the symptoms of presbyopia?

Development of myopia
Blurred vision
Headache and neck pain
Higher light exposure requirement

How can presbyopia be treated?

Contact lenses
Insertion of multifocal lenses
Supracor presbyopia lasers

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