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Wavefront – Eagle Eye (Advanced Custom VUE)

Night vision problems Treatment

The procedure called "eagle eye" is a technique developed by NASA to refine optical images, which has been adopted in ophthalmology. With the help of this technique, ametropia can be corrected almost without leaving any traces.

It is a patient-specific excimer laser method adapted to the individual characteristics of the eye.

With the wavefront method, the wavefront device measures the light scattering on the corneal layer, lens and retina in detail and develops a treatment scheme based on the data obtained.

The calculated treatment scheme is transferred from the wavefront device to the excimer laser and then carries out an individualized excimer laser treatment.

Excimer laser procedures performed with the Wavefront system are much better in results than the general excimer laser and night vision problems are less common.

The wavefront variant is the best treatment for patients with night vision problems.

Patients with night vision problems who have to drive professionally at night or usually work at night are recommended to use the wavefront method.

The wavefront method is often used when the results of general excimer laser treatments have not led to the desired improvements.

There are no cuts or seams in this procedure.

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