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Why Turkey?

With its unique geographical location at the borders of Europe and Asia, Turkey is the most important crossroads between the two continents.

Our region; for centuries, has hosted many civilizations, which made of Turkey a geopolitical country with different historical and cultural textures. Besides, with a medical tourism sector active throughout the year, as well as short and easy accessibility from and to too many countries around the globe, Turkey is the perfect destination for patients who chose to get their health treatment abroad.


With internationally recognized physicians, qualified human resources, world-class technological and medical equipment, hospitals and health institutions with the highest JCI (Joint Commissions International) accreditation in the world, treatment protocols shorter than the USA, UK and Europe,  in addition to favorable price advantage of up to 60-70% compared to European standards, Turkey is a social and cultural hub that combines high standard and quality hotels with traditional Turkish hospitality and medical tourism service.

For these reasons; Turkey has been recognized in the world as the new health partner and rising medical tourism focal center, which has put the country among the first 10 countries in the world for medical tourism.

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